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Colour cards

We are highly specialized in chipmounted colour cards. We believe this is the best available technique for producing high quality colour cards. Compared to all other techniques, the chipmounted colour card gives the right feeling of a real painted colour sample.

There is a selection of techniques available to achieve different kinds of surfaces. These include solid colours, metallic and pearl colours, facade and wood imitation. And some combinations of these. All come in different gloss levels naturally. Our special wood imitation paper makes it possible to show different kinds of painted wood surfaces in a very realistic and cost effective way.

Chipmounted colour cards

Much of the colour cards are produced using waterborne paint. This enables us to use the colourants and tinting formulas that our customers use. This brings many advantages, most importantly the colours shown in this way are as real as they can get.

Colour cards example 1 Colour cards example 2

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